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 List of Medicinal Berries and Items

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PostSubject: List of Medicinal Berries and Items   Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:18 pm


Name of BerryAppearancePurposeTreatsStatus
Cheri BerryCures paralysisParalysis (battle-caused)Common
Chesto BerryCures sleepExcessive sleep/Battle-caused sleepCommon
Pecha BerryCures poisoningFood poisoning/Battle-caused poisoningCommon
Rawst BerryCures burnsAll degree of burns/Battle-caused burnsCommon
Aspear BerryCures freezingHypothermia/Battle-caused freezingCommon
Leppa BerryRestores strengthWeakness/Excessive muscle fatigueCommon
Oran BerryRestores healthCommon sicknessesCommon
Kee BerryPain relieverMinor pains °•°Common
Maranga BerryPain relieverMajor pains °•°Uncommon
Persim BerryCures confusionDizziness/Battle-caused confusionUncommon
Sitrus BerryRestores healthUncommon sicknesses/Flu virusUncommon
Figy BerryRestores some health*Uncommon
Wiki BerryRestores some health*Uncommon
Mago BerryRestores some health*Uncommon
Aguav BerryRestores some health*Uncommon
Iapapa BerryRestores some health*Uncommon
Pomag BerryRestores some strength**Uncommon
Kelpsy BerryRestores some strength**Uncommon
Qualot BerryRestores some strength**Uncommon
Hondew BerryRestores some strength**Uncommon
Grepa BerryRestores some strength**Uncommon
Tamato BerryRestores some strength**Uncommon
Lum BerryHeals all injuriesAll wounds and illnessesRare

°•° Also acts as a numbing agent when mashed and spread on wounds.
* When all 5 berries are combined, it produces an amnesia potion, but only under very special circumstances.
** When all 6 berries are combined, it produces a love potion, but only under very special circumstances.

Other Items

Name of ItemPurposeTreats
Dried Cobwebs*Wraps/Packs woundsAlmost all wounds
Woven Leaf Bandages**Wraps woundsAll wounds
StickSplintBroken bones, sprained limbs

* Harvested from abandoned Spinarak webs
** Woven by Leavanny

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List of Medicinal Berries and Items
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