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 Character Adoption Template

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Character Adoption Template Empty
PostSubject: Character Adoption Template   Character Adoption Template EmptyWed Dec 16, 2015 10:06 pm

Please use this when making your character adoption thread. Note: You have to have at least TWO characters before you can put one up for adoption!

[b]Name of Character[/b]




[b]Approved Character Application:[/b] [url]LINK GOES HERE[/url]

[b]Changes Allowed?[/b] Yes / No (select one!)

**SAYING YES TO CHANGES ALLOWED means that whoever adopts your character has permission to make MINOR changes to your character's basic personality, appearance, history, etc. If you want, you can say yes and add restrictions to how much your character can be changed. Of course, SAYING NO TO CHANGES ALLOWED means that NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE TO THE CHARACTER WHATSOEVER.**

Click on the sprites to go to their character apps!
Character Adoption Template 3prUkgq       Character Adoption Template IZQJ0S9
Character Adoption Template BAnFaP3          Character Adoption Template C04edH3        Character Adoption Template GadXuny
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Character Adoption Template
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