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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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Section A deals with general relations within the forum. Section B regulates RP/in-character behavior. Section C provides guidelines pertaining to character creation and submission.

*** - denotes that the specific rule will be enforced by use of a three-strike system. For each violation, the offender is awarded a strike. If within any given period of 15 days the offender receives three strikes, his or her IP will be suspended. If within any given period of 7 days the offender receives three strikes, his or her IP will be banned. Strikes may be awarded to a member at the decision of two moderators or one administrator.

In the event that non-asterisked rules are violated, the offender should take steps to rectify the issue with or without the aid of a moderator or administrator.

A. Forum Procedures
i) General rules
1. *** Be respectful. We are an assembly of diverse individuals; each, with his or her own unique mode of expression. We encourage each member to express him or herself, but moreover to do so without negatively affecting others.

2. *** Recognize that our forum calls for moderate behavior. We do not permit swearing in profound excess or spamming. We do not permit the exposure of explicit sexual or violent content in-character or out-of-character.

3. Each member may have one account. This account will store all of the member’s characters.

4. Do not hesitate to refer to administrators and moderators. Our role in this forum is to ensure that each member receives fair treatment and an opportunity to enjoy their role-playing experience. Members are encouraged to report anything, in-character or out-of-character, that bothers them.

ii) Chatbox rules
1. *** All aforementioned rules apply in the Chatbox.

2. The purpose of the Chatbox Public Room is to discuss matters out-of-character. These matters may concern RP plans, but they may also pertain to other interests. Please use the Roleplaying Room for formal RP in the Chatbox.

3. *** Administrators and moderators may not kick or ban members from the Chatbox without specifically citing the rule that the member has violated.

4. *** Administrators and moderators may not clear the Chatbox archives until they have saved a redistributable copy of the content which caused the archives to be cleared.

B. Roleplaying Procedures
i) Prerequisites
1. Each member is expected to begin work on their character application within their first week of membership. If a conflict prevents a member from publishing a character in a timely fashion, they may speak with a moderator or administrator for exemption. New members showing no desire to roleplay may be removed.

2. *** Members may only roleplay with characters that have been approved by a moderator or administrator.

ii) In-character Protocol
1. *** Members may not employ supernatural abilities, assume control of other members’ characters, or otherwise forcibly create an environment in which other characters are compromised without consent.

2. Members may not roleplay human characters or human characters' Pokémon from the show.

3. Upon joining an RP, members should establish an understanding of the environment into which their character is entering. Observing key components such as the setting, plot progression, and dialogue will ensure that the entering character will integrate successfully.

4. All roleplays must adhere to a post order. Participants post in a
cycle that updates when new members join.
For example:
Member A posts.
Member B joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C posts.

If some but not all of the characters in a roleplay enter into a situation in which their actions do not concern the other characters, the independent group of characters does not have to adhere to the conventional post order. For example, if two characters initiate a private conversation, they may detach from the posting order until they choose to reintegrate.

5. If a participant inexplicably fails to post within 3 days of the last participant's post, his or her turn may be skipped by the next poster in the order.

6. Please avoid taking personal offense to the actions of characters. The conduct of characters should not affect the manner in which members treat each other.

7. We recommend that members write all in-character posts in third-person, past tense form. (She walked, he ran, it flew, etc.)

iii) Battles
1. As mentioned before, *** members may not employ supernatural abilities, assume control of other members’ characters, or otherwise forcibly create an environment in which other characters are compromised without consent. DO NOT GOD-MOD OR POWERPLAY WHEN ROLEPLAYING BATTLES. Pokémon cannot dodge every single move thrown at them, and they do take damage while in battle! For a chart of type effectiveness, go here.

C. Character Creation Procedures
i) Creation Guidelines
1. Character applications must adhere to the Pokémon Character Creation Template. You can find the template here.

2. To avoid having too many characters of the same kind of Pokémon, go here to make sure the Pokémon you want to make is still available. No more that 5 different characters per each Pokémon, 1 for Mythical Pokémon.

3. Members should choose from the 18 basic types (Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark, Fairy. Dual types also included. NO LEGENDARIES!) for their first character. Members seeking to roleplay a Shiny or Mythical Pokémon must discuss the choice thoroughly with a moderator or administrator before posting the character application (especially for Mythical Pokémon!) If the idea is approved, the applicant must then write the name of the moderator or administrator with whom he or she has discussed in the application.

4. Characters will not be approved if their characterization does not follow a rational scheme. Pokémon do not have special abilities extending beyond species abilities/type/level. For a list of regions your character can originate from and their corresponding themes, refer to this topic.

5. Characters will not be approved if their role in Realm society is exaggerated beyond reason. Pokémon may not have royal statuses, special elements, or other attributes that center society around the single character.

6. Remember that we are an OC forum.  To ensure approval, avoid incorporating characters from the show into character histories.

7. Members intending to employ Grimdark themes in character histories must be able to apply such themes in a meaningful fashion. Instead of creating reasonless antagonisms, recognize that even evildoers have justifications for their actions. Mental disorders are serious characteristics and should be given thorough consideration before potential incorporation.

8. By proofreading their own applications, members will allow us to fully understand their character(s). Applications containing 7 or more mistakes in spelling or grammar, thereby implying that the creator has not sufficiently reviewed his or her application, will not be approved.

9. Please keep in mind that application length is not a determining factor in whether or not the character will be approved. A concise, well-thought-out composition that meets all criteria serves its purpose just as effectively as prolix rhetoric.

ii) OC Management
1. Members may create up to 4 characters without needing special consent. Members seeking to create a 5th character must first ask for permission from a moderator or administrator, who will subsequently look to see whether or not the user is capable of sustaining more than 4 characters. Members are expected to use all current characters consistently before creating more.

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