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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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[img]Isiah 5I9S2eR[/img]

Species: Absol

Pokédex Number: #359

Type: Dark

Gender: Male

Age: Older Teenager

Level: Level 5

Moveset: Scratch

Description: Isiah looks like a standard Absol, though he is a tad smaller than average.

Personality: Isiah has been a solitary and introverted Pokemon for as long a he can remember. He's never connected to other pokemon as much as others, and tends to take a while to warm up to a stranger. He wants badly to make friends, but because of his experiences before coming to the Realm, he can be a bit shy to open up to others, and sometimes lacks the social cues. Because of this, many often think that he's unfriendly or hostile, which isn't the case at all, he just needs a helping hand to learn how to socialize with others. He is generally a very sweet and gentle Pokemon who gets a bad reputation because of his social anxiety, and lack of skills in that department.

Likes: Stargazing, Singing, Trying to make friends, Snow, Sweets, Running, Exploring.

Dislikes: Fighting, hot days, Being alone, Being afraid to speak, Humans,

Items: A simple brown scarf

History: Before he made his way to the Realm, he lived with humans, captured by an inexperienced trainer who, after getting frustrated by multiple wasted Pokeballs, decided to force the Absol into ownership with a strong rope. At the time of his capture, the Absol was still very young, caught while simply exploring away from his family. He spent most of his life as a trophy for the trainer, held in a crate that was just a bit too small for the fast growing Pokemon. It was because of this that he developed such stunted social skills, and a rather nasty dislike for humans. Though his owner was never outright cruel to him, he did end up neglected a lot due to the trainer's overall inexperience with handling and caring for Pokemon.

The young Absol had all but resigned himself to his fate when it threw him a chance for freedom that he never expected. His owner, in a careless rush, left the door to his pen open, and he bolted. He ran for days just trying to escape from his prison, until he collapsed from exhaustion a couple of days later. He was completely unused to the world around him, and sought a safe haven that he could escape to, where no humans would ever hurt him again. That was when he began to hear whispers of the Realm, a place where Pokemon of all kinds live under the watch of the mysterious Pokemon, Mew. He traveled for a long time to find the mysterious land, but eventually found himself there in the mysterious Realm.

Example RP:
It wasn't like the shy Absol to find himself picking his way through a more populated area, too many chances for awkward or unpleasant encounters, after all. But he was craving company, even if all that entailed was walking with his head low and his eyes averted from everyone around him, but still, it was good to be around other Pokemon for a change. He spent so much time milling about on his own, at least coming closer to where Pokemon gathered was an opportunity to meet friends, even if most seemed a but shy of him, but he should expect that given what he was, most Pokemon seemed to assume his kind were bad omens because of their ability to predict natural disasters.

He was shaken from his somewhat bleak thoughts when he heard a cry for help from not too far away, an unsure feeling washed over him. Should he investigate? What if he made things worse? He pondered this for only a second before he took a deep breath and dashed to the scene of the scuffle. It looked like a Mightyena was cornering a small Skitty, who was shaking on the ground with fear. He felt anger rise in his chest as his fur fluffed up, "Hey! Leave that poor Skitty alone!" His voice held more force than usual as he spoke, driven by anger at seeing such a big Pokemon picking on one so small. It was infuriating.

His eyes was burning into the Mightyena as it turned to face him, "Oh? And who's gonna--Ah..." The color seemed to leave him as he looked at the Absol in front of him, he knew the stories well, these creatures could bring endless misfortune upon a Pokemon! He backed away, "W-we were jut playin'...R-right?" He looked to the small Skitty for support, instead getting a sassy wave of her tail as she strolled right by the frozen Pokemon. Isiah's eyes continued to burn into the Mightyena as he watched him slowly and cautiously turn tail and flee, snorting after him before giving the small Skitty a gentle smile, "Are you okay?" The small can nodded and turned from him, giving him a little mischievous smirk, "Yeah, thanks, I could have taken him...But I appreciate the help!" Isiah chuckled and shook his head as he watched the skitty saunter off, feeling proud of himself for being so bold.
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The only thing that I can see that would be a little off would be the fact that he's only level 5, but his age is around 17, 18, 19. But considering his history and dislike for fighting, I'll let it slide, since it all ties in.


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