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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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Othello 9YTP5xT

Species: Braixen

Pokédex Number: #654

Type: Fire

Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult, somewhere akin to 19

Level: 22

Moveset: Firespin | Ember | Psybeam

Description: A slightly off-color Braixen sporting a badly damaged ear and a fringe of darker fur over one eye.

Personality: Othello is a strange young Pokemon, even at first glance, his furtive eyes darting all around him speaking of the paranoia that he tends to always hold on to. He is not shy by any means, but lacks a lot of social grace that makes him rather odd company to keep, a bit spacey and melodramatic, he always seems one crayon short of a full pack. He is wholly harmless, but sometimes seems to be on another planet, speaking in broken or strange sentences, or looking intently at things that aren't there. Many find him creepy, but really he only wants to escape his past and make friends in his new home, if you can get past his somewhat bad paranoia and jumpy nature, he makes a very good friend.

Likes: Reading, Stargazing, Sweets, Making friends, Puzzle games, Snow, Autumn.

Dislikes: Pitch blackness, Thunderstorms, Water, Sour food, Being alone, Loud noises.

Items: Othello wears a dark, flowing hood with strange emblems on the 'tails', it is made of a light yet durable material and provides security and comfort to the jumpy young fox.

Every Pokemon learns about the Legendaries at one point or another in their lives, whether through a direct encounter or stories told and passed around by word of mouth. Most Pokemon know that these are the ones that command respect from all who have the privilege of an encounter. But Othello grew up with the fear of god ingrained in him, born and raised to worship the Legendaries and the bounties that provided. He came from a bizzare cult of many species that obsessed over these high ranking Pokemon, partaking in strange and haunting rituals in a fruitless attempt to summon them and receive their blessings. Othello followed these Pokemon in all their endeavors, until their obsessions began to grow fearsome and frightening, so much so that Othello planned to escape.

It wasn't an easy escape, as lookouts were constantly on watch for any who tried. He left in the night, managing to scrape out with only nasty bite from his ear. He ran for days, until he was sure no one followed him, and after he was sure he was free, he began searching for a new home, far away from the cult and their followers. It was by sheer luck and word of mouth that he managed to get to the Realm, travelling on the back of a kind old Lapras until the reached the shores. He was very wary of the new lands at first, fearing the possibility of the cult reaching there, but the longer he stays, the more at ease he has begun to feel, comfortable enough to begin looking for friends in this paradise. He still practices some of the rituals and praises to the Legendaries that the cult taught him, but he lives free from their watchful eyes in the Realm.

Example RP:
What was this all about?

He looked over the paper with shaking paws as he watched the Wingull flying away. This was it. This was the Cult looking for him. He cast an uneasy look over the paper, it was rather plain, but the sight of it made him a bit ill as he thought of what might be written inside. Were they coming to get him? Bring him back? He clutched the paper tighter and sat back against a tree, taking a few deep breaths as he lowered himself to the ground, slowly opening the folded paper and taking a deep breath before looking at the words.

'Dear Othello,

You don't know me, but I know you, your smile is bright as the sun and you are more handsome that any other Pokemon in the Realm."

 Your Secret Admirer'

His face turned red as he read the note over and over. A secret admirer?! He couldn't even remember the last time he'd spoken to another Pokemon, much less one that had seemed interested in him in that way! He pulled his hood further over his head to hide his red face, how was he supposed to take this discovery?! He stood, the letter held in his paw as he scanned the trees, as if hoping to see this secret admirer somewhere out there.

He almost would have preferred the cult contacting him. Almost.

Othello VXrOaXV || Othello MS7x4pq
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Cuuuute! :3 Approved!

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