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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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Welcome to the Realm!

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PostSubject: Henry   Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:26 pm


Species: Ampharos

Pokédex Number: #181

Type: Electric

Gender: Male

Age: Approx. 18 in human years

Level: 30

Moveset: Also keep this realistic.


Personality: 3-5 lines.

Likes: At least 5 likes.

Dislikes: At least 5 dislikes.

Items: Only if applicable. Keep the items reasonable!

History: Include how your character got to the Realm and when/how they evolved, if they have.

Example RP:

Click on the sprites to go to their character apps!
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