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Sylventh Character Image Here Image optional but recommended. If no picture, provide a detailed description of the character in the Description section below.

Species: Scyther

Pokédex Number: 123

Type: Flying/Bug 

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Level: 52

Moves:  ((Need to discuss with Mew))


Personality: Sylventh is usually an easy going and semi laid back sort of Pokemon. Like most Scythers, he is incredibly fast on his feet but not so much in the air. He prefers to stay glued to the ground as he is currently unable to shake his fear of heights. The highest he'd go without feeling ill or wanting to faint is about twelve feet. Sylventh seems to be wise beyond his years and is often very silent when he needs to be, but that doesn't mean he's unable to take a joke! 

Sylventh is a very caring Pokemon as he will tend to any fallen Pokemon by tending to the wounds himself and he will often stay beside the pokemon until he knows they're ok. Though battle scarred, this Scyther has learned a lot about life through his experiences and wishes to send the youth of this new world on a straight path.

Despite the serene nature, he also has a playful side and loves to prank his friends often times resulting in them howling in laughter along with him! If he is bothered while meditating, this very patient Pokemon would open one eye and often move to a new location higher up in his tree.

Likes: Giving advice to the wayward pokemon, Sitting under a tree with his legs crossed laying each scythe upon his knees meditating, an old, yet tall tree he'd recently found upon coming to this strange world. Sylventh also loves Exploring and learning all he can about the creatures and inhabitants in this weird world. He often practices his Ninja-like stealth to a point of obsession. He also has a habit of pulling small pranks on his unsuspecting friends, but only if he knew them for quite a while.

Dislikes: Annoyances while meditating, being late to anything, pokemon who test their powers upon the weaker, being hit with rocks, Jolticks as they are too small to notice right away and he wouldn't want to step on them. He also is terrified of heights, even small ones freaks him out. 

Items: A small incredibly ripped up focus band he keeps braided around his neck as a souvenir of what he used to be.

History: Sylventh's history is despair wrapped in mystery! His egg was laid and cared for by his small family highly educated in the ways of stealth. His 'clan' mostly kept to themselves, yet were there to help any pokemon in need when it became an emergency. He was highly gifted in the ways of medicine and quickly picked up the fighting and stealth techniques the eldest member of his family taught him. They lived alone for the most part, nestled in a small forested part deep within the Safari Zone so tucked away, no other pokemon or trainer would notice it. Through his years of intense study and technique, he'd mastered several styles of the ninja art, or at least as much as his family could teach him before they deemed him ready to leave.

With great gusto, he set off, leaving the safari zone as well as his family behind.

Example RP:

Corelean "Molten Core" Albino charmander!
My head-canon is that a Charmander's emotions, as well as its health, are easily determined by the state of its tail flame. For example: If it sparks off like a sparkler, they're excited/happy. If it lazily sways with the wind, they are calm/lazy. If it sparks, but keeps its normal shape and pops a few times, they're angry/enraged. If it is low and has a slightly bluish tint at the base, they are sad/depressed. If they are worried/scared, it will flicker a bit!
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