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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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 Core's Art!

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PostSubject: Core's Art!   Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:44 pm

^ Yucky unfinished mess!

^Sans, when did you become a gorilla skeleton? XD Those arms are a bit too long!

^ Corelean

Corelean "Molten Core" Albino charmander!
My head-canon is that a Charmander's emotions, as well as its health, are easily determined by the state of its tail flame. For example: If it sparks off like a sparkler, they're excited/happy. If it lazily sways with the wind, they are calm/lazy. If it sparks, but keeps its normal shape and pops a few times, they're angry/enraged. If it is low and has a slightly bluish tint at the base, they are sad/depressed. If they are worried/scared, it will flicker a bit!
Core's voice
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Core's Art!
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