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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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PostSubject: Luna   Luna EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 3:35 am


Luna Luna12

Species: Gardevoir

Pokédex Number: 282

Type: Psychic/Fairy[size=30]Luna[/size]

Gender: Female

Age: 19 in human years

Level: 36

Moveset: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Shadow Ball, and Moonblast

Description: Luna has green hair and arms, she has a flowy white dress that all Gardevoir have, a red spike pops out of her chest. Her eyes are magenta in coloration.

Personality: The Gardevoir still has a lot  of sass, even though she is quite shy Luna will challenge anyone who’s up for it. She is very eager to get stronger, she often tries to use her moves on a larger scale, which makes her a bit slow. Luna is quite the talkative Pokemon and feels like it’s her secret duty to make sure everyone is happy, she only makes an exception to it when bullies are about. She breaks free of her shell and becomes a powerful figure her only goal, to keep the victim safe.

Likes: Power, romance, family, nature, and flowers

Dislikes: Personal weakness, darkness, sadness, impurity, and too much heat.

Items: She has a hair bow crafted by a Leavanny, it holds a Gardevoirite that is unuseable.

History: Luna hatched in the wild, and was caught as a Ralts at level 10, she loved her trainer very much and as time progressed, she evolved into Kirlia protecting her trainer from a falling column. Even though her trainer had stronger Pokemon, she always chose Luna. After being the head of battle for so long Luna evolved into a Gardevoir, and after a lot of time Luna’s trainer started a ranch. Luna explored the ranch until she fell into a portal, and now she’s in Mew’s realm.

Example RP: Luna blushed, the Lucario before her, had confessed his affection and she stood still shocked. “ see I’m honestly not very special, but I greatly appreciate the flowers. Once again th-thank you so much.” she paused and calmed herself, the Lucario looked at her affectionately, “We can’t be a thing, I hardly know you. I’m so sorry.” Luna gave the Pokemon a hug and then pulled away from the disappointed Lucario. He walked off with his head down. She felt the sadness through her spike and looked down in guilt, “Maybe another time.”

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PostSubject: Re: Luna   Luna EmptyWed Feb 17, 2016 1:59 pm

Everything looks pretty good here. Approved!
Welcome to the site! C:

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