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Alien~ <a href=Alien~ 04f10a11" />

Species: Elgyem

Pokédex Number: 605

Type: Psychic

Gender: male

Age: 17

Level: 26

Moveset: Miracle eye, Pysbeam, Headbutt, Heal Block.

Description: Alien is about 1 foot in height, and is convinced that he himself is an Alien. Although his species is extraterrestrial he believes that he is from another planet which is of higher knowledge than this one. He spends most of his time trying to figure out the quirks of terrestrial Pokemon and and how they differ from himself. Although it would seem that he was born in the same land as every other Elgyem, his behavior shows that of which would not be of this planet. Alien also tends to try and convince other Pokemon that he really isn't from around here (Nobody can actually tell if he is saying the truth because of how bizarre it is.), which often comes with mixed responses.  

Personality: Overall Alien is a calm and relaxed Pokemon. He is very welcoming and will often help others who need it, most likely to familiarize himself with the culture of native species and etc. He believes in the "We come in peace" phrase, and does not usually enter conflict unless it is required.

Likes: Convincing others that he is an alien. Looking up at the night sky. Making crop circles out of whatever he can. Peeking around at what others are doing. Eating sour foods and candies.

Dislikes: Immediate threats. Slimy foods. Getting dirty. Losing trust among people, or being lied to. When people mock his "Origins"

Items: None

History:"Alien came from a far away planet, where his kind would age into the thousands. Where he comes from, he is still considered in the developmental stage of an infant. However, back in his home planet, the education received at this age is the same as those of his equivalent age in this new land. While traveling through space and wormholes, he lost fuel and came upon the planet everybody currently resides in. He convinced his current 'parents' on this planet that he was their child, in order to fit in. They sometimes take a bit more convincing than usual. When he reaches the proper age he will find the resources needed to refuel his ship and return to his own planet and return what findings he had made on his visit to this new realm." - Alien himself, up to your own interpretation. (May or may not be true)

Example RP:(Response to example 3). Alien floated across the shady forest floor. As he whirred past the trees, he had encountered a small white and green spotted sphere. The Pokemon stretched his hand out and made a few beeps and boops, with corresponding bulbs lighting on his palms. After a few seconds of getting no response, he spoke to it in the tongue most people of this realm used. "Greetings, sphere." He said in a robotic voice, with little boops almost sounding autotuned. The egg shook and the top of it popped off, with the head of a charmander emerging from it. "Mama?" It said. Alien cocked his head and booped some more. "I am not your parental unit, but i will assist you if it is necessary." Alien lifted the egg, with pokemon inside and glided along the floor of the forest, in search of it's mother.
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Cute! c:

Click on the sprites to go to their character apps!
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