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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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 What's this whole thing about, anyway?

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What's this whole thing about, anyway? Empty
PostSubject: What's this whole thing about, anyway?   What's this whole thing about, anyway? EmptySun Oct 11, 2015 5:46 pm

Think of this like a mix between the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and the PokéPark Wii games in that here, your character is free to do whatever they wish (as long as it doesn't break any rules!).


There are some human-made goods floating around the Realm, and some Pokémon-made ones as well, since quite a few magpie-esque Pokémon have "borrowed" them from humans and some clever ones have fashioned items of their own. Before you ask, yes, some forms of clothing are allowed in the Realm, clothing such as scarves, sashes, headbands, bracelets, rings, and belts. Any wearable item that you can get in the Pokémon games is also allowed. (Dark Shades, Shell Bell, etc.)

Trade is a welcomed industry in the Realm. Although the Pokémon have no form of currency, they certainly do love to give their things away in return for more things. Shiny, sparkly things are especially fun. There is a small market located in the Middleplace in the center of the Realm and is open for all to trade and barter.

Some Pokémon also offer their services in return for Berries, pretty stones, anything they find valuable. Miltank have been known to trade away their milk, Leavanny sometimes make natural clothing for others, Ampharos provide light in caves, etc. If your Pokémon is the kindly service type, they are free to provide their goods and services in any fashion that they wish to.


Battling in the Realm is almost always for fun, as Mew encourages others to settle their differences without the use of violence. Many Pokémon battle for recreational purposes and to make themselves stronger through training, although if it's for training purposes consent is needed from both Pokémon.

Duels between Pokémon to settle differences are encouraged to be staged on the Battlefield in order to maintain the peace of the Realm.

The PokéGames is an annual battling tournament that is held on the Battlefield and supervised by Mew. It is set up like a regular tournament, with Pokémon paired up to fight each other. The winner of each battle goes on to the next level and the loser is eliminated until there are only two Pokémon left; these fight for the title of PokéGames Champion (and some bragging rights!). The winner is awarded a small medallion. Any Pokémon may enter the PokéGames, however typically the more stronger Pokémon enter.


Legendary Pokémon are a rare occurrence in the Realm, but they do appear occasionally. (The Legendary account, run by administrators, is in charge of providing the Legendary Pokémon at certain times, like during special events.)

Mythical Pokémon appear more often in the Realm, however they aren't common. The only one that appears more or less regularly is Mew, and even it doesn't show up much.


Houses are readily available in the Realm if they are wanted. Although Pokémon are all naturally capable of living off the land without a solid home, some prefer to claim one of their own for social and/or personal purposes.

If they choose to do so, Pokémon can make their homes out of roomy tree roots, in caves, underground, in tree branches, under rocks, in coral reefs (aquatic Pokémon only), etc. There are also a handful of scattered stone huts dotting both the Light and Darkwoods, abandoned by ancient humans long ago and now available for Pokémon use. Please note: Not every Pokémon can live in one of these huts, because like I said, there are only a dozen or so of them. Occupy the huts sparingly, please!


If you have any questions about the Realm, feel free to ask below and I'll be happy to answer them for you!

Click on the sprites to go to their character apps!
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What's this whole thing about, anyway?
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