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Darkrai  HkabhzZ

Nickname: Ekkreth

Species: Darkrai

Pokédex Number: #491

Type: Darkrai  Dark

Gender: Ekkreth is Genderless (they/them/theirself)

Age: ???

Level: 70

Dark Void
Dark Pulse
Dream Eater

Description: The pitch-black Pokémon. It is comprised of solidified shadows and has the slight appearance of an hourglass figure. It appears to be wearing an old, ripped cloak. It has a small head with a white fog-like ghostly plume billowing from it. The fog is covering one of its bright blue eyes, with the portion on its face resembling hair. It also has a red spiky growth around its neck. It has menacing, claw-like hands. It normally does not have any sort of legs, but it is able to extend stilt-like appendages in their place.

Personality: The name 'Ekkreth' means 'trickster,' and that's exactly what this dark Pokémon is. It is quite vain and arrogant. Though its very nature implies it to be an evil creature, Ekkreth does not actively try to cause nightmares; instead, it uses them as a self-defence mechanism. It actively tries not to incur the wrath of its counterpart; it actually finds Cresselia to be a rather pleasant partner. It is an introvert, and prefers to interact with others, when it does, from the shadows... literally. Only when it is most comfortable or senses the most danger will it emerge. Despite this, when it gets the chance for a fair fight, it is a very competitive battler.

Likes: Darkness, nightmares, silence, winter, stars, good pranks

Dislikes: Bright lights, good dreams, summer, crowds, being in the spotlight (unless it's for a trick well done)

Items: An old Lunar Wing where, on a human, it would be tucked behind an ear. It's useless, and kept for sentimental purposes.

History: Upon its first manifestation, the Pokémon the humans called Darkrai became enamoured with their fearful nightmares and devoured them. Young and foolish, it unintentionally terrorised the people of the small town where it lived to the point of witch hunts for it. When the Lunar Pokémon Cresselia arrived to battle with it, Darkrai met its match and was snapped out of its feasting frenzy. Realising what it had done, Darkrai fled to an island offshore, where it turned its powers on the Pokémon there. However, having learned from its mistakes, its interactions with the others turned into less of a terrifying attack and more of a mischievous prankfest that was enjoyable for both Darkrai and the victim. It named itself Ekkreth, meaning trickster, before returning to the human's world, haunting the shadows and keeping itself under control.

Ekkreth lived in the shadows and the nightmares of others, so it's hardly a surprise that it hardly thought twice upon entering one dark spot over another. In fact, it had hardly realised that it had shifted planes until it realised that there were no frightened people having nightmares... only Pokémon. It was a bittersweet change, of course, until Ekkreth realised, oh, of course, it could go back. Shadow travel is convenient, is it not? But every world needs nightmares to spur on its inhabitants, so the Sinnoh embodiment of night terrors found itself spending more and more time in Mew's realm, enjoying itself where it could be it without sending the population running and screaming. Jump scares proved to be just as effective on Pokémon as humans. As did shadows-that-were-actually-shallow-puddles.

The good dreams were delicious, too. And the SkyRealm... well. It liked that place quite a bit.

True to its lonely nature, Ekkreth kept itself to the shadows and dreams of others, observing from a distance and watching the world grow. It found that, after this separation, it missed its partner, Cresselia, more than it despised its meddling, and aimed to pursue a sort of Arrangement (the capital letter is important) with the Lunar Pokémon. It likes to think of their work as a counterbalance to the other's, now, rather than an attack. Ekkreth begrudgingly supposes it should thank Mew for this, but it would wound the vain thing's pride.

Example RP: 1.[Character] is walking through the forest when suddenly a rogue Pokémon springs out of the underbrush and attacks [Character]. Write a brief RP response describing what [Character] would do in this situation.

It knows not to let itself be seen. Call it a bad habit, but physical manifestation isn't something Ekkreth is comfortable with, especially in a place with ample shadows and darkness. It supposes it was careless. In any case, it isn't expecting for anything to pop out of the underbrush, unnoticed, but when the Zoroark emerges, snarling and Clawing, Ekkreth lashes out in surprise, rippling the air malevolently with a Dark Pulse that sends the other Pokémon tumbling to the forest floor.

'Go away,' it demands, its voice rumbling deeply with threat. 'Leave me alone!'

The Zoroark doesn't seem to be listening, the battlethirst sparkling in his eyes, and he attacks again, darting forward to swipe at its chest. However, its prepared this time, and dives into the ground, the dark speck on the forest floor the only thing giving it away. It emerges behind the Zoroark and hurls a dark orb at his feet, opening a Dark Void in the Earth and sinking him into the blackness. When he emerges from the darkness, fast asleep, Ekkreth retreats to safety and leaves it to wake on its own on the forest floor.

'Here dwell together still two men of note // Who never lived and so can never die.'

Click on the sprites to go to their character pages! If there's a star, they aren't there yet!
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Awesome! Approved!

Click on the sprites to go to their character apps!
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