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 Miyuki's Dōkutsu

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PostSubject: Miyuki's Dōkutsu   Miyuki's Dōkutsu EmptySat Apr 02, 2016 4:20 pm

Kōri no Dōkutsu
Misty Mountains
This particular cave system is covered in sheets of ice from wall-to-wall, though the floor is simply hard-packed dirt. Some of the walls are polished to reflective perfection and act as mirrors, though others are opaque and glow a rich turquoise. Icicles hang from the ceiling, dangling fashioned chains of ice and Ice Gems in fantastic patterns. The cave system is elaborate and has thus far been unexplored in its entirety by outsider Pokémon, giving rise to the myths about frozen Pokémon trophies kept hidden from visitors.

There are three defined 'rooms.' One is a living area padded with Beartic-fur throws and cushions. A chandelier of ice crystals hangs from the ceiling in here, and there are scrolls tucked into corners everywhere. In another room is a Berry storage unit, in which Berries of all sorts have been organised into neat rows by colour and flash-frozen for preservation. Miyuki seems to sleep in a third, where a tatami-style mat is set carefully in the centre of the room and surrounded by small candles. There are characters carved into the walls, though its not likely that other Pokémon would be able to understand. Symbols like Gym Badges have been carved into the floor, but are covered by a fur rug. The rest of the caverns of the cave are just filled with carefully organised objects or empty of anything but careful designs drawn into the ice walls.

'Here dwell together still two men of note // Who never lived and so can never die.'

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Miyuki's Dōkutsu
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