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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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(Temporary picture taken from the Bulbapedia Wiki)

Species: Mew

Pokédex Number: #151

Type: Psychic

Gender: Genderless (it/it/its/itself)

Age: ???

Level: ???

Moveset: ???

Description: Mew is a small, light pink cat-like Pokémon with a small muzzle, oval-shaped head, and big blue eyes. It has short front arms with small four-fingered paws, bigger hind legs with long feet, and a very long, thin tail with an oval-shaved tip. Mew is often seen with a small silver bell tied onto its tail with a blue ribbon; it usually wears this when it doesn't want to startle other Pokémon while it's flying around invisible.

Personality: Mew is a very happy Pokémon. When it is seen, it's almost always with a smile on its face. It loves playing games with others and is quick to laugh. This pink Pokémon has a very childish sense of humor and tends to look on the bright side of things, but this doesn't mean it's stupid. It is quite capable of solving problems between others if needed, it really just prefers not to. It gets upset by lots of unnecessary violence and hostility, that's why it usually shows up to keep other Pokémon from fighting and is a natural counselor.

It has a habit of using the word "mew" as an interjection while talking, and sometimes stretches out the word "me" and accidentally makes it "mew" instead.

Likes: Bubbles, friends, playing games, making others happy, flowers, sunshine, peace and harmony

Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, hostility, rude Pokémon, fighting, lots of negative feelings

- Silver bell with a blue ribbon

History: Almost all of Mew's history is unknown. No one knows how old it really is, when or where it was born, or where it lived until now. Even its power is relatively unknown.

Even so, it undoubtably founded the Realm where it now lives, far away from human interaction. It found the deserted island long, long ago while trying to escape humans and their dangerous violence and destruction. After making sure that no humans remained on the island, it befriended the few wild Pokémon that lived there. The news that the rare Pokémon Mew was now residing on the island spread very quickly, and soon the small island population grew both naturally and through immigrants.

The population of the Realm has continued to grow at a healthy rate, and peace has flourished (but only with Mew's help, of course!).

Example RP: (Prompt #3)
Mew settled itself down on a rock, curling its long tail around its legs as it held the spotted Pokémon egg in its paws. Giggling faintly, it pressed one ear up against the shell, hoping to be able to hear the baby inside.

It wasn't planning on keeping the egg, Arceus no. That would be stealing, and it would make the egg's parents very unhappy. No, it simply wanted to inspect the egg and then return it to its rightful owners.

Mew didn't have a whole lot of experience with eggs so it didn't have the foggiest idea when it would hatch, but considering the good amount of wiggling coming from inside the egg, something was bound to happen soon. The pink Pokémon pushed itself up to hover above the rock it had been sitting on, just about to go and search for any Pokémon nearby that had lost an egg, when a small crack appeared in the egg's shell. Mew let out a small squeak of surprise, pushing its nose close to the crack. That was a crack, right? Maybe it was just the shadows playing tricks on it...

The crack suddenly grew with a light snapping sound, the egg starting to shake. Mew hurriedly flopped back down onto the rock, setting the egg on the ground before the baby inside rocked itself out of Mew's grip. Blinking a few times, the Pokémon wrapped its tail around itself, clasping its paws together in anticipation. While it had witnessed eggs hatching before, it couldn't remember the last time when the parents weren't around.

All at once, the egg burst open, and out plopped a rather wet little Starly chick. Mew let out a squeal of delight, snatching up the baby with gentle grace. It floated a foot or so above the ground, flicking its tail as it held the Starly in place on its stomach.

"Eeeee, hello little one! I'm so glad you're finally here, mew~!" the Pokémon cooed excitedly, earning a confused look from the baby. The little bird ruffled its feathers a little and made a soft cooing noise back that sounded remarkably like the word "mama," huddling closer. Mew giggled in spite of itself, patting the baby on the head. "Meeeee-w? Your mama? No, no, baby, I'm not your mama! I will take you to your real mama though, I'm sure she'll be very happy to see you!" It gave the Starly a quick nuzzle then hugged it against its chest, zipping off into the trees in search of the baby's actual parents with a huge grin on its face.

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