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 Introductory colloquialism~

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Introductory colloquialism~ Empty
PostIntroductory colloquialism~

After stalking around the site for an eternity (essentially a day or less ;3) I finally decided to emerge from my fluffy shelter by using large, ineffectual terms used indulgently and abstemiously - like so.
Ahem. Onto the real spirit of an introduction. Hey, all~ I'm glad to have found this site, since what I saw of it really interested me - an active, friendly Pokemon Role-playing site.
I am a 15 year old female individual, a fan of fluffy, with a weak spot for felines x3 But I generally like animals. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing (more like doodling since nobody ever sees these magnificent works of art!) Nah, I kid. My favourite pokemon is Absol and it's Mega, but I like Eevees, Vulpixes, Pichus and Riolus too, which is absol-utely random. See what I did there? No? Never mind.
This doesn't seem like a typical introduction, which is unfortunate >w<' Being the hardcore otaku that I am, social shyness makes up the awkward regime that is me. But still, I'm anxious to make friends and get to know everybody~
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Introductory colloquialism~ :: Comments

Re: Introductory colloquialism~
Post on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:41 am by Corelean
HIIII AND WELCOME TO THE SITE *Throws arms around Flame and hugs while confetti cannons are set off* WE'RE ALL SO GLAD YOU'VE DECIDED TO JOIN AND WE'RE ALL SUPER HAPPY TO HAVE YOU HERE!! *GASP* YOU DRAW?? THAT'S AMAZING!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SOME OF YOUR ART SOMEDAY EVEN IF THEY'RE JUST DOODLES!! We have an art section at the bottom of our forum where you can post it!
Re: Introductory colloquialism~
Post on Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:02 am by Ekkreth
Heh, welcome! I'm no longer the newbie, haha. I'm looking forward to rping with you.
Re: Introductory colloquialism~
Post on Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:58 pm by Flamelunar
Aaah! owo *is squarely glomped* Yay confetti!~ Goodness, that's just about as excited when I see a cat xD Ahem. Thank you for that very warm greeting x3 And I've seen some of your art! :3 Love your Charmander, all about it! The art and the personality, both~ And my drawings are just done on a phone with a stylus, so they're not too great ^^'

Thank you~ At least I'm not the only one xD And you too! I really like how you portray your mystical characters with expression of their sentiments.
Re: Introductory colloquialism~
Post on Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:16 pm by Corelean
D'aww, thanks so much! (Psst, Ekkreth is so much better at art than me, you should totally check her stuff out, it is seriously amazing and inspirational!) ^^ Your art is probably a whole lot better since it is digital!! And phone or not, art is art which in my opinion is like a piece of your soul!! Yeah, the Char is a snippy little onion XD I can't wait to see your character!!
Re: Introductory colloquialism~
Post on Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:51 pm by Flamelunar
Goodness, no - thank you! I'm actually in awe over the Froslass that I recently saw - lil' hesitant to see the rest really x3 Too good art fluffs my brain. And nope, I prefer paper~ Art is more of a portrayal of your world that you have created out of paper, ink and the imagination, which can be pretty soul-baring, yep~
Kinda anxious since someone already has an Absol, but I'm gonna go ahead with one anyway xD What's two out of five anyway? ^^' Quite a lot, actually nearly half Ahem! Yeah.
Re: Introductory colloquialism~
Post on Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:31 pm by Ekkreth
Please, Core's dragons are things of beauty. People should worship them as deities. We have multiples on the site currently (see, for example, the Gardevoirs) so don't worry about it.
Re: Introductory colloquialism~
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Introductory colloquialism~

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