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Welcome to the Distant Realm, a unique Pokémon land founded by Mew, the New Species Pokémon. Come on in and roleplay as your very own Pokémon character!
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 Realm Map

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Realm Map  Realm_10
(Not a very high quality map, but at least it's accurate.)

1. Misty Mountains: A small mountain range located near the northwestern coast of the Realm. The range is littered with small caves and tunnels, in which many Pokémon live and explore. Mt. Mew is the largest landform in the range. The mountains are named for the clouds that occasionally surround the peaks with fog, covering everything in dew.

2. Mt. Mew: Mt. Mew isn't a mountain at all, it's actually a volcano. Although dormant today, the various caves and tunnels it has in it make it possible for Pokémon to get fairly close to the magma inside; it also serves as a great maze. It is said that Mew lives somewhere in here, hence its name.

3. Middleplace: Located in roughly the middle of the realm, the Middleplace functions as both a marketplace and a common meeting place for Pokémon of all shapes and sizes. The Winding and Double Rivers feed into the ring of water around the Middleplace, allowing for aquatic Pokémon to gather as well. Forky's Cave can also be found here, on the right-hand side.

4. Luminous Lake: A large freshwater lake that can be found in the northeast portion of the Realm. It is connected to the Distant Sea and to the Middleplace by the Double River. This lake's namesake comes from the fact that it seems to glow from within when the full moon is out, and nobody knows why.

5. Lightwoods: A thick forest located on the eastern coast of the Realm. It is comprised of mostly hardwood deciduous trees, sturdy and healthy. It is one half of the region of trees called the Woods. There are some ancient stone huts scattered around here.

6. Darkwoods: A thick forest located on the eastern coast of the Realm, south of the Lightwoods. It is comprised of mostly softwood conifers, spindly and tall. It is the other half of the region of trees called the Woods. There are a few ancient stone huts scattered around here.

7. Sunrise Point: Located near the natural dividing line in between the two woods, Sunrise Point is a rocky outcropping sticking out of the east coast. It is almost always dotted with small flowers, and is a popular romantic attraction because it offers an excellent view of the morning sunrise. There is a gentle slope on one side of it, leading down to a small beach below.

8. Distant Gulf A wide gulf located in the far south of the Realm. It often serves as a kind of port for sea-faring Pokémon, both coming and going. The Winding River flows from the Gulf, connecting the Gulf to the Middleplace.

9. Winding River: A long, serpentine river that flows from the Gulf into the ring of water around the Middleplace. It's the most popular river in the Realm, mostly because of its shape.

10. Double River: This river is actually two rivers that join to form one. They start off in the northeast, flow into the Lake, and out into the ring of water around the Middleplace.

11. The Great Meadow: Even though most of the Realm is covered in grass, the Meadow was deemed separate because of the great expanses of colorful wildflowers it has. As you can imagine, it looks quite stunning in the spring.

12. Sandy Sea: Another misnomer. The Sandy Sea is ironically a desert, located on the western coast of the Realm and to the west of the Meadow. It is filled with rolling dunes, prickly cacti, and the occasional lost Pokémon.

13. North River: Located on the far northwest side of the Realm, this river flows from the Misty Mountains and into the Battlefield.

14. Battlefield: A wonderful hodgepodge of different biomes all rolled up into a neat little package. The Battlefield is marshy, wet, rocky, grassy, sandy, and mostly flat, perfect for hosting battles.

Distant Sea: The sea that surrounds the Realm.

SkyRealm: A beautiful world where Pokémon go when they die. Some Pokémon can visit this world in their dreams.

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Realm Map
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