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Seraphina (Means 'the burning one')

Seraphina 250px-038Ninetales


Pokédex Number:



474 (Ninetales live for a thousand years)


Feint Attack

This fox-like, quadruped Pokémon is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur. It has nine, long tails, each tipped with pale orange. There is a fluffy crest atop its head, and a small mane around its neck. Ninetales has gleaming red eyes that are said to give it the ability to control minds. Its ears are pointed, and it has long, slender legs with three-toed paws. Seraphina's fur has begun to grow lighter, greying with age, so now it rests on a comfortable platinum-blonde.

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. If you anger me, weakness is not what you'll remember about me."
Serpaphina is an extremely mischievous pokemon, and this trait has only continued to grow despite her advancing age. She adores pulling harmless pranks on others, and does not hesitate to apologize if anyone takes offence. She cherishes her relationships deeply, assuming the role of undying friend (literally!) to anyone who earns her affection. Over the years, due to her near-immortality, she has watched friends and some family wither away, while she awaits her own finality, and while she harbors this secret, dark pain, she never shows it externally.

Unlike most of her species, she is not particularly vengeful, and does not curse others at the drop of a hat. She can be difficult at times; in a literal variety of ways! Difficult to anger, difficult to calm, difficult to please, difficult to appease. She has a trademark fiery temper, as is wont of Fire types, which flares every time someone makes a pass at her age (Don't make fun of the elderly!)

Her natural intelligence has been heightened by her long life, having seen many things, and can be quite fun to have around! She has a sharp memory, being able to remember over 400 years back, all of her joys and pains. She's secretive about certain things, like her past, and whether she really can control minds and cast curses or not. Her tails are fabled to contain different energies, and it can be said for certain that Seraphina is definitely one large, fluffy ball of enthusiastic energy!

Teasing others
Spicy/Bitter/Sour food
Making friends
Being in company

Passes at her age
Hurting someone in her rage
Having someone be afraid of her
Being misunderstood
Talking about certain subjects
Having a secret kept from her
Forgetting something

None, though she often carries around berries for snacks

Seraphina originally belonged to a trainer who had caught her in the wild as a scruffy, underfed Vulpix, still young to the point of having only 3 tails. Even now, in the Realm, she remembers the undying love and devotion she received from him in growing up. The support and understanding was mutual, and with him she explored many things she had not known existed. She learnt the human language, to read and count, to battle efficiently. Then came the time when she stopped depending on him for support and helped him instead. She fought battles and won, earned him money through this, and by displaying her intelligence, she often amused him.

It was so that she was lead all the way to the Elite Four of Kanto, and successfully won with the rest of the team. She was content; she had done her part. Time passed, and while her body remained in its prime, the beat of age drew upon his body. She watched her treasured trainer slowly wither, and stayed faithfully by his side as his lone living Pokemon, even by his death bed. She often visited the graves of her former trainer and teammates, and while she was a coveted prize to be had, with many a trainer attempting to capture the powerful beauty, Seraphina fought tooth and claw for her freedom. She did not want to replace the hole in her heart, only to feel the bite of the pass of time yet again. This immortality; was it a gift or a curse?

It was said that Elemental stones imbued the receptor with a foreign energy required to completely reassemble their molecular structure; if so, the evolution she had undergone, aided by her first, last and only trainer had been his final gift at the door of the League. The power within the Fire Stone still coursed within her body, as undying as her mind and heart in the remembrance of the one she loved.

Example RP: Prompt #4! (I evidently have a thing for justice ;3)

It was a fine day, and Seraphina couldn't be happier; the wind rustled around her, gently pulling on her fur and ears. It reminded her of the gentle affectionate gestures she used to receive from her trainer and his young, newly hatched pokemon alike. She remembered nosing a baby Chespin, who'd grow up to be the hulking Chesnaught who'd tanked the Hyper Beam approaching straight for her.
Age had made her fragile, and she slowly got to her paws, working off the initial pains. Even now she wondered if she could have taken that attack; if she hadn't been competent, she'd never have made her trainer proud by taking down an entire Elite member and a dragon, all by herself. The Ninetales sighed, turning about, tails swishing around in a rhythmic, fluid motion. Her still-sharp nose led her to the berry orchard she so loved to forage in. Maybe she'd find one of the regulars to scare; children grew up so fast. They were getting used to it already. The Sentret she'd tried to scare yesterday had given a peal of laughter, cried 'Peekaboo!' and booped her on the nose before running around her, causing a wry grin to appear on the Ninetales.

Even now, in remembrance, Sera grinned, flashy a toothy maw. Carefully avoiding the prickly Oran berry bushes, she reared on her hind legs, resting her forepaws on the truck of the tree which she knew grew Pechas. Due to her age, she was an abnormally large Ninetales, standing about a head taller that most Ninetales at the shoulders, but the tree towered tantalizing above her. (Alliteration!)

Hearing a sudden crack, the Ninetales whirled about. A whimper further caught her attention, followed by a squeal and a second crack. The second one was loud enough for her to scamper back to her fours and hurry to the spot. In her experience of a vast 400 years, she almost expected what she came upon next.

Even before she caught sight of the snarling, grinning Nidorino, the Sentret from the day before came running and clung to her leg. Glancing down at the frightened Normal-type, flashing it a reassuring smile, she swiftly swept a look around the woods. Two splintered pieces of wood bore large Nidorino paw marks, evidence of a Double Kick.

It was obviously bullying, seeing that the squeals and whimpers emerged from the still-whimpering Sentret, but the moment her blazing crimson eyes, turned into crescent moon-like slits, contacted with the Nidorino's, the male turned an unhealthy shade of green. Seraphina added the final touch by wrinkling her nose, exposing her maw with cruelly white fangs, and narrowing her eyes.

Hardly had the snarl left her throat, the Poison Pin pokemon got the hint and scurried off at record speed, without so much as a backward glance. Her contorted features returned to normal and she flashed her teeth in a grin.

"Wow, ma'am! You really showed 'im!" The Sentret said happily. The baby pokemon's happiness was contagious, as she lowered her head to the brown mon's eye level. "No problem, dearie. He was fun to scare."

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Looks good! Accepted~!
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